2017 – 2018 Execs

President | Arun Dayanandan

Arun (Small)

Photo By: Nick Iwanyshyn

Hi!  My name is Arun Dayanandan and I work on fish and fear as a Master’s student in the lab of Dr. Grant E. Brown.  The son of two biologists, you could say my passion for the science began in the womb.  As the 2017-2018 President of the Concordia Biology Graduate Student Association, I look forward to working with an inspiring team to bring a wide variety of academic and social opportunities to the biology graduate student body.


Vice-President of Molecular and Genomic Sciences | Dilan Jaunky

Dilan (Small)

Photo By: Imge Özügergin

Hello!  My name is Dilan Jaunky, and I am currently doing my PhD in Dr. Piekny’s lab.  This year I will be the BGSA’s VP of Molecular and Genomic Sciences.  I wish to contribute to the Biology community by organizing events that will allow Grad students to unwind and socialize with others in the department.  I look forward to seeing you all at our events!


Vice-President of Ecological and Evolutionary Sciences | Ebony Demers

Ebony (Small)

© Concordia University; Photo By: Lisa Graves

Hello fellow biology grad students!  My name is Ebony Demers, and I’m a 3rd year graduate student working on my PhD in Dr. Grant E. Brown’s lab.  As VP of Ecological and Evolutionary Sciences I’m excited to be part of the team that will make this upcoming year an exciting and inspiring one!  The BGSA has always done great things for the bio department grad students, and I am looking forward to directly contributing to this year’s events!


Treasurer | Michael Chung

B (small)

Photo By: Kyle Andrews

Hello biology peeps – my name is Mike and I’m your BGSA Treasurer this year.  I’m a 2nd-year M.Sc candidate working in Dr. Joyce’s lab.  I will be both sharing financial responsibilities with the current team and handling outbound communications and social media.

It’s my heart-felt desire to pay it forward – so expect great things from your BGSA this year!